Government Relations and Compliance
The interface with government is not as simple as submitting a proposal or an application and waiting the requisite statutory period for hearings and approval. Understanding the culture, the context, and the nuances are critical.
Soglin Consulting is interested in showing you how to get a better understanding of the workings of government agencies, especially after an examination of legislative history and institutional memory. Many companies have the talent and resources to understand government if they know what to look for.

Strategic Planning
It is surprising how many businesses plan their future without using all of the available resources. Studies and reports, mostly public record, are found in the offices and web pages of thousands of government agencies. Most of these reports and studies were either prepared by public sector employees or paid for with public dollars. They are there if you know how to look for them.

Community Relations
Businesses and individuals in our community are committed to making significant charitable contributions. Sometimes they prefer to focus their giving in specific areas such as youth, health, poverty, education, or the environment. Many people are looking for innovative projects that deserve funding, but are unsure as to how to evaluate proposals. Whatever your goals, Soglin Consulting is in a position to show you how to evaluate proposals or find the organization that is working towards your goals.
For those committed to setting up a private foundation, once the legal work is completed, there is still the matter of efficiently and effectively gifting the foundation’s funds. Many small foundations cannot justify a full time staff to review and evaluate proposals, evaluate performance, and research new ideas. Soglin Consulting can explain the options available from doing it yourself, to hiring professionals, to using the Madison Community Foundation.

Public Finance and Administration
Governments adopt a budget on a regular basis. While municipal budgets are submitted in the fall, the initial work is done in the spring with staff analysis conducted during the summer. Those who wait until late summer or early fall to participate in the budget process are too late. A neighborhood association concerned about a local park improvement, a business concerned about a sewer project, a developer concerned about TIF financing need to understand the process and the competing values that the state, county, or city must weigh in prioritizing public resources.

Public Planning
Long range public planning has significant impacts on the use of private property-just ask anyone who ever owned property near an urban interchange or train station. When government makes major public investments in infrastructure such as a school, museum, cultural center, or even the more obvious sewer or water supply system, it changes the use of all surrounding property. Understanding the processes and decision-making can lead to better public and private partnerships, especially since so much private investment is driven by public decision-making. Whether you are a business, the government or a citizen, knowing the process and the implications for change are critical.

Business and Corporate Travel Systems
Today travel is more complicated, expensive, and demanding. Most organizations face the challenge of keeping travel costs down while providing the traveler with the most comfortable and efficient trip. This process starts before the reservations are made. There are many options for making travel arrangements ranging from self-booking tools to corporate travel departments or using a commercial travel company. Your goal is to select the best option weighing the variables of cost, convenience, and comfort.